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Hitoshi Ozawa x Eiji Uchida "Archipelago Conquest-Outrageous Rabbit" is now available on U-NEXT


Participated as a script "Archipelago Conquest-Outrageous Rabbit" is being delivered on U-NEXT. Netflix, a new sensation outlaw movie depicting a man wearing a two-legged gangster, "Gokudo" and "Chorus", starring Hitoshi Ozawa and co-starring Shinji Shinra, a member of "Shonan no Kaze " and a young husband. The director is Eiji Uchida, who won high acclaim in the drama "The Naked Director " and the movie " Midnight Swan."




Netflix "Japan Sinks 2020" Wins International Animation Film Festival


Netflix "Japan Sinks 2020" Episode 1 "Owarino Hajimari" won the Jury Award in the TV category at the world's largest international animation film festival "Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021".

Netflix "Japan Sinks 2020" Blu-ray BOX on sale


The Blu-ray BOX containing all episodes of "Japan Sinks 2020", which won the No. 1 domestic viewing ranking updated daily on Netflix, was released on March 26th (Friday). In addition, we have been nominated for a work recommended by the Jury of the Animation Division of the "24th Japan Media Arts Festival"!

Novelize has also been reprinted and is now on sale. Please enjoy it together with the animation.

TV Asahi drama "7 detectives" will start broadcasting on August 5th


The drama "7 Detectives", which is participating in the script, will be broadcast on TV Asahi from 9 o'clock on Wednesday, August 5th. This year is ... a memorable season 7! Enjoy the restart of the seven detectives!

TV Asahi drama "The High School Heroes" starts broadcasting


The TV series "The High School Heroes", which we are participating in as a script, is being broadcast on TV Asahi from 11:00 on Saturday, July 31st. Johnny's Jr., a young boy, challenges the long-established squadron hero drama for the first time! An unprecedented squadron hero drama!

SET 59th performance "Tahata Rhapsody ~ Signboard Actress and Seven Nameless ~ " Performed from October


The scriptwriter, Super Eccentric Theater Musical Action Comedy "Tahata Rhapsody-Signboard Actress and Seven Anonymous" will be performed in Tokyo in October and in Aichi in November.

"Dragon Ball Super" now available on Amazon Prime & GYAO!


"Drabon Ball Super" is now on sale on Amazon Prime and GYAO!.

If you missed watching on-air, enjoy Amazon Prime and GYAO!.


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Toshio Yoshitaka was born in Fukuoka.

His career started as a comedian.

After his comedian's life, he became a writer.

Now, he is writing a script for animation, stage, and drama.

Also, he is writing music program and comedy program.





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